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SkanApp (version 4.42 – rotation bug fix on Android 13 devices) – hands-free AR1 PDF scanner for Android2 devices.

With a single press of a button, the app can crop, split, enhance, straighten (de-skew) scanned pages,
generate multi-page, searchable PDF file in Color, Grayscale or B/W mode, attach voicemail and sent it to
multiple destinations.

In stationary mode, SkanApp can scan up to 400 pages in 10 minutes

Product Highlights:

  • Privacy – no registration, no usage monitoring, no ads…
  • All features included – no subscription.
  • Remote Control (AR, audio cable/headphones, Bluetooth, Timer).

Limitations over the Play Store version:

  • No hardware compatibility check, provided by Play Store.
  • Side-loading requires the “Unknown Sources”3 feature enabled during installation.

Simple, fast scanning:

  1. Turn on/off Destinations, PDF and Voice Notes
  2. Scan, up to 2 pages per second (any of the 6 methods)
  3. Save4


  • Automatic Searchable PDF file generation (or JPEG) per Destination5
  • Both JPEG and PDF files can be saved at the same time (Smartphone Destination)
  • Ability to create PDF Keywords in multiple languages for classification and search (automatically inserted in Searchable PDF files regardless of OCR)
  • OCR languages: 100+, multiple languages can be used for the same document (PDF Settings)
  • UI languages: 40 (Smartphone Settings)
  • OCR is done on the phone, Internet is not required
  • Ability to correct OCR errors and re-run OCR on individual pages
  • Import and/or Re-use of JPEGs and pages of saved PDF files to generate new PDF files
  • Rearrange pages (before PDF is generated)
  • Typing, drawing, erasing, highlighting text on the scanned images (in Preview stage)
  • Auto Deskew, can be turned off
  • Auto Dewarp and split book pages (in landscape mode only)
  • Automatic document boundary detection and Perspective Correction
  • Keystone and Perspective Correction (automatic and manual)
  • Automatic Cropping, using user-set document boundary
  • PDF Color Mode (color, grayscale, B/W)
  • Custom PDF Page Size
  • Right-to-Left page order option
  • Voice Notes
  • Stationary Mode scanning
    • AR buttons (Augmented Reality)
    • Timer
    • Headphones' buttons
    • Bluetooth Remote Shutter
  • One-Hand Mode scanning
    • Take picture- Volume Up button
    • Microphone On/Off – Volume Down button
    • Generate searchable PDF (OCR), Save/Send – Volume Up button (double press)

The installation package consists of a single file skanApp.apk

  1. Download the SkanApp.apk file.
  2. Open your file manager app. The downloaded file usually goes to the Downloads folder.
  3. Tap on the SkanApp.apk to start the installation.
  4. If prompted, allow installations from “Unknown Sources” (by default, Android won’t allow installations that are not from the Play Store).
  5. Review the permissions and complete the installation.

SkanApp User Guide
SkanApp Benutzeranleitung
Guía del usuario SkanApp
Guide de l’utilisateur SkanApp
SkanApp Manuale Utente
SkanApp Guia de Usuário
Руководство пользователя SkanApp
SkanApp دليل مستخدم
SkanApp ユーザーガイド
SkanApp 유저 가이드

Searchable PDF Sample: SkanAppSample.pdf

1Augmented Reality
2SkanApp for Android OS (KitKat and above) is also available on Google Play Store
3WARNING: Legitimate copies of SkanApp can be downloaded ONLY from this site and Google Play Store.
4When done scanning, you can turn off the screen or suspend the app (Home button), and the long running tasks, such as OCR, will be completed by its background process. On newer Android versions, it may be necessary to disable Battery Optimization to prevent background process paused or killed by Android OS.
5Smartphone, SD Card, E-mail, Computer (MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10), Google Drive (Export option in Smartphone Settings).

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