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Smart Personal Cloud (~10 users)

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Smart Personal Cloud1.

Smart Personal Cloud (SPC)1 is a server designed for individuals, families and small businesses (approximately 10 users) to store and classify digital content.

In SPC, the digital content does not only include files, but any information, not necessarily related to files (for example, passwords, personal notes, etc..).

With the help of SkanApp2 for Android, which can scan 400 pages in 10 minutes (books, documents, photos, etc..), you can easily turn SPC into a specialized database for yourself and/or groups of people with special interests.

The value of such database can be quickly increased by allowing others, whom you can invite as guests or users (with permissions given on individual basis), to enrich it with their own files and data.

Whether you use it as specialized database or as a home center to playback music and videos on a TV, attached to it, SPC will bring you joy, and, as Bill Gates once said, the “information at your fingertips”.

1SPC is a software4 for Raspberry PI 4 computers5. It is implemented as a turnkey Cloud and can work without the Internet. It runs on Ubuntu OS (headless6 server), and can be upgraded7 to a more powerful hardware or moved to Amazon Cloud (AWS), if needed.

2SkanApp is a high-speed scanning app for Android, utilizing both traditional and unique3 control methods.

3AR (Augmented Reality), physical (Volume +/-) and headphones media buttons, as well as Bluetooth and timer.

4SPC software is sold on a SanDisk SD Card (64GB or 400GB).

5Raspberry PI 4 computers are sold without the case. For silent, 24/7 operation, we recommend the FLIRC case.

6Can work without a monitor, keyboard or mouse.

7Please contact us at [email protected] for details.

SPC User Guide


  • Independence – the best Cloud is the one you control.
  • Secure and private file storage for you, your family and friends with individual permissions.
  • Store, Classify and Retrieve any types of files.
  • Create your own searchable Categories3 with Privacy Attribute 4.
  • Each file or a group of files, can be assigned multiple Categories. The Privacy Attributes makes it easy to hide certain descriptions and/or files from unauthorized users.
  • Multi-user, multilingual (40 languages, included), state of the art database (PostgreSQL v. 12.4 64-bit).
  • Ultimate Privacy – a Private file or Category can not be viewed even by administrators.
  • Never lose your files – deleted files can be restored from the database backup.
  • One-click database Backup or Restore.
  • Backup files are encrypted and password protected with unique password for each sold copy.
  • As each database has a unique ID, multiple servers can run on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Extensible – RESTful Web service interface.
  • Versatile – use the Raspberry Pi for something else when needed – simply replace the SD Card with another OS and software.
  • Silent – there is no cooling fan, the aluminum case serves as a heat sink.
  • Very low energy consumption – suitable for 24/7 operation.


  • 64GB or 400GB microSD Card5 with Smart Personal Cloud software.8


  1. Connect Raspberry PI computer to your Wi-Fi router with a network cable.
  2. Turn on Raspberry PI computer.
  3. Optionally, enable Port Forwarding (port 8008) on the Wi-Fi router for Internet access.


  1. Launch SkanApp Android app.
  2. Select Smart Personal Cloud menu option.
  3. Tap the Wi-Fi “+” button6.
  4. In the section “Selected Wi-Fi networks/computers”, tap the Wi-Fi Refresh button6.
  5. The available servers will be shown below.
  6. Select the server, type your User Name and Password and tap the Login button (Lock/Padlock icon).
  7. The Login button is replaced with the Configure button (Gear icon)7.
  8. Once logged in, you can do the following:
    • Tap the Gear button to add/modify Categories/Category Groups and Users/User Groups.
    • Tap “Browse” to search database, find and add, modify or delete stored files and their assigned categories/values, upload and classify new files.
    • Tap “OK” to save current settings for off-line scanning and file classification.

1Smart Personal Cloud (SPC) is a multi-user, multilingual server to store and organize digital content.
2SkanApp – Augmented Reality document scanning app for Android OS (KitKat and above) is available here or on Google Play Store.
3To simplify search, such as searching by date or number range, or selecting predefined list options instead of typing the values, the categories are one of the following types:

  • Date, formatted for the currently selected language.
  • Tag – just a name, no value (i.e. Important, Pending, etc..).
  • Text – for full text search.
  • Single Choice List – Radio Buttons.
  • Multiple Choice List – Check Boxes.
  • Boolean, (i.e. Yes/No, Paid/Unpaid, etc..)
  • Money with multiple formatting options (160 currencies) regardless of the phones Locale setting.
  • Number – Integer
  • Number – Decimal with both comma and period decimal point options.

4Both Categories and files are independently assigned Privacy Attribute that determines who would be able to see and use them. The value is either you, all users or one or more User Groups. The User Groups have their own Privacy Attribute.
5256GB SanDisk Ultra Plus microSDXC UHS-I A1 V10 card.
6Once connected to the server, you can add more users and email them their login credentials for remote access over Internet. Since they do not have access to your Wi-Fi network, steps 3-6 are not necessary. Instead, they tap the “+” button on the right of the Gear button and paste their credentials.
7The first user becomes the Administrator, who can add/modify Categories and add Users with custom permissions to access and use the database.
8Recommended Raspberry PI 4 8GB with fanless silent case at


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SD Card

SanDisk 64GB, SanDisk 400GB


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