Skanstick Tray
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Skanstick Tray1 for SkanApp2.

  • Fits smartphones up to 6.10″ x 3.30″ (155mm x 84mm)
  • Balanced, Power and Volume buttons are not pressed by the the selfie stick holder
  • Easier to use than typical spring-loaded selfie stick holder
  • Material: ABS
  • 3D printed

High-Speed Book Scanning World Record – 500 pages in 13:19 minutes

SkanApp User Guide
SkanApp Benutzeranleitung
Guía del usuario SkanApp
Guide de l’utilisateur SkanApp
SkanApp Manuale Utente
SkanApp Guia de Usuário
Руководство пользователя SkanApp
SkanApp دليل مستخدم
SkanApp ユーザーガイド
SkanApp 유저 가이드

Benefits summary:

  • Fast, 250 pages in 10 minutes.
  • Unobstructed scanning area.
  • Stapled documents.
  • Folded receipts.
  • Automatic image Straightening/Deskewing.
  • Custom White Balance.
  • OCR (100+ languages).
  • Searchable PDF files.
  • Ability to add searchable PDF Keywords.
  • Voice notes.
  • Multiple Cloud destinations.

Searchable PDF Sample: SkanAppSample.pdf

1The flower vase and the selfie stick are not included.
2Software: Augmented Reality document scanning app (SkanApp) for Android OS (KitKat and above) is available on Google Play Store. FREE version of SkanApp (limited number) is available upon request at [email protected]

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